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It’s time to streamline how you and your team use your field service management software!

As the most certified software consultants in the trade industry, we bring the extensive expertise and knowledge your business deserves.

You don’t know what you don’t know, so we’re here to leave you confident, in charge, and ready to achieve scalable growth!

Mastering your software takes time you don’t have.

Get moving with the support of industry experts!

Get 100% out of your software
Streamline field and office operations
Save costs on internal admin
Certified Quickbooks ProAdvisor
Trust your data
Certified in 3rd party integrations


Consider us your outsourced employee, part of your team – and ready to help you smash your goals.

We’re ServiceTitan gurus who understand the nuances of the home services industry – because our entire team comes from the trades!

We assist our clients with everything in field service management; from general software coaching, accounting and inventory, to marketing, change management and commercial construction.

Not to mention we’re certified in all 3rd party integrations! With tools such as Quickbooks and Zapier at your fingertips, we’re going to skyrocket the success of your ServiceTitan investment.


We’re the first Titanium Professional Services Provider of ServiceTitan.

We’re the most certified software consultants in the trades industry and hold every certification offered by ServiceTitan to ensure you get a well-rounded experience.

We stay up-to-date with ServiceTitan upgrades, new features, and upcoming changes – everything that’s needed to ensure your business success.

ServiceTitan's Most Certified Partner


Tap into the brain of a FieldEdge expert!

As a FieldEdge partner we’ll guide and educate you on how to get the most out of your software, every time.


Starting your implementation process and need white glove support? Or maybe you’re a legacy user looking to streamline your workflow and train your team?

Whether you need high-level guidance or to walk through step-by-step, we’ll help you become a FieldEdge software pro.


Let’s revolutionize your business with our team on your side.

We’re the most prominent software consulting firm in the trades industry, and our software and trades expertise combined ensure your FieldEdge experience is utilized to its fullest potential.

Your PCG Consultant is your new, kick-butt, software sidekick!

Trade And Software Experts
Years of experience
in the trades

Our entire team comes from the trades!

Together we hold a total 75+ years of experience and a proven track record of successful client partnerships. We know firsthand your software investment is a big one, and one that can transform your entire business.
We love working with entrepreneurs, and seeing businesses thrive with the right support!

Certified Software
Your Journey Starts Here
Health Assessment

It’s time to get this incredible software working for your business.

Our health assessment includes a full analysis of your account and its core features.

  • Review and analysis of dashboards
  • Workflow analysis
  • Review of all back-end settings
  • Operational improvements
  • Data integrity issues

Let’s develop a clear roadmap and utilize your account to its full potential.

Targeted Solutions

Get it done right, the first time.

If you’re making a big change in your ServiceTitan or FieldEdge workflows or settings, it’s time to engage our team!

With an expert PCG Consultant by your side implementation will be smooth and easy.

  • Pricebook overhaul
  • Membership reconfiguration
  • Onboarding and set-up
  • Training and education

For a full list of services click below.

Join The Club

The Powerhouse Club – for supercharged success!

Get all the benefits of a fully trained software specialist on retainer without the expense of a direct employee!

We know the industry inside and out, and can actively manage your account to meet your business goals.

  • Active and ongoing optimization and support
  • Training and education
  • Consistent production improvements

For a full list of services in The Club click below.

Onsite and Remote Support

Effective, clear and specific support is our goal! 

We take a client-centric approach and encourage you to choose what works best for you. 

Our virtual partnership is a seamless experience and works incredibly well for all aspects of consultation, including a high adoption rate among teams! We also offer hands-on onsite support for team training or go-live assistance.

Service Industries We Work With
Heavy Machinery
Software Consulting For Your Enterprise Business:
Develop, Scale, Grow

Work Smarter. Not harder.

Leverage your software and watch your businesses thrive!

We’ll help you navigate internal workflows and develop an operational model for scalable growth.

Looking to streamline your field service management across your companies? 

  • Project management and implementation
  • Acquisition audits and support 
  • ServiceTitan Enterprise HUB
  • Team coaching and education

"Communication Is One Of The Biggest Things We Look For"
The Powerhouse team are always there when we need them. We have been working with Powerhouse for over a year and there is nothing that the team can not handle.
Nick Sylvester, Owner, Sylvester Electric
"Pcg Works Closely With Our Office Team To Drive Performance"
Outsourcing our ServiceTitan administration (the heavy lifting, not the basic stuff) and using Powerhouse Consulting Group for streamlining and implementation projects has worked out really well. They know the product set incredibly well and are also very professional.
Al D'Andrea, Owner, McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning
"Working With The Powerhouse Team Is Always A Pleasure"
Our team is always there when we need them.
Kara Cassidy, Marketing Manager, Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric
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