10 ServiceTitan Marketing Pro Campaigns Every Contractor Should Have

There’s no question that the ServiceTitan Marketing Pro add-on can be a huge revenue-driver for your business. Here at PCG, we’ve built hundreds of campaigns and sent hundreds of thousands of email campaigns from Marketing Pro, so we’ve seen the results ourselves.

ServiceTitan users ask us all the time which are the most effective campaigns, so we built out this blog as a quick cheat sheet.

Start Here: What Makes a Successful Campaign?

You can build all the emails you want, but to achieve success you must first define it.

There are many marketing metrics like open rate, click rate, and in Marketing Pro you can track direct and attributed revenue. Still, these data points may not be what your business is really driving toward.

Here are some examples of campaign success key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • Book 20 maintenance jobs before end of month
  • Improve conversion rate by 10% for sales estimates
  • Sell 15 air purifiers
  • Fill Saturday’s schedule
  • Increase membership renewal rate (year one to year two renewals)
  • Provide a world-class customer experience

Marketing Pro campaigns are most successful when there is a single message and one clear Call-To-Action (CTA).

Top 10 Campaigns

Without further ado, here are the top 10 campaigns listed in the order of which we suggest you build them.

  1. Thank You (Automated) – Simple post-service email thanking the customer for their business. This is a “customer nurturing” campaign that drives loyalty amongst both new and existing customers. We suggest no call-to-action in this campaign – just a simple thank you. Power up: After you have a simple one-email drip going for a few months, consider leveling up by personalizing the email – segmenting by service or by the person who provided the service.
  2. Expiring Memberships (Automated) – Although we recommend you set up your customers on recurring billing for memberships, you may still be doing outbound calls for renewal. Why not prompt the customer to call you for renewal? A simple version of this campaign would have two or three drips, starting about 2 weeks before expiration. Power up: Add a second, pre-expiration campaign only for members that have a service visit remaining. They’ll likely call to schedule that service, and your team can make the renewal pitch in-person.
  3. Unsold Estimates (Automated) – This is by far the biggest revenue driver for our clients, but we’ve listed it third in our list. Why? It’s essential to target this email to the exact right customer at the exact right time. Precision is required for this campaign, and the first two emails in our list are good primers for you and your team to get comfortable with automated campaigns. Again, we recommend a single campaign with a three-email drip for this one to start. Power up: Segment these emails out by the selling technician, so that the emails appear to come “from” the salesperson, contain the sales person’s headshot, and replies go directly to the sales person.
  4. Preventative Maintenance (One Time) – Unless you feel 100% confident in the use of memberships and recurring services, we recommend setting up a one-time preventative maintenance campaign for member tune ups. This way, you can send the campaign when your dispatch board is looking empty, and avoid automated emails going out when you’re slammed. Power up: Create customized templates based on the season and for members/non-members.
  5. Welcome New Member (Automated) – Improve the overall customer experience by creating a welcome new member campaign. We recommend a three-or-more email drip. The first email should review membership benefits. Consider creating a members-only “hotline” call tracking number for use in this campaign. Other email drips in this campaign can be education focused content, like links to your blog or product spotlights. Keep in mind that members will receive these emails in addition to maintenance reminders, so don’t go too crazy with those drips! Power up: Segment emails by your different membership types for ultimate personalization.
  6. Idle Accounts (Automated) – For customers you haven’t heard from in over two years, consider an automated campaign that’s flush with offers to bring back their business. Remember that automated campaigns need to have season-neutral content, so focus on “tune up” rather than “winter tune up”. We recommend spacing drips by 1-2 months so as not to email idle accounts too frequently. Power up: create different idle account campaigns based on the types of services this customer received from your business previously. Also, make sure to refresh the content in this campaign regularly!
  7. Happy Birthday (Automated) – With MarketingPro, it’s easy to send customers a message annually on the date their equipment was installed. You can pair this email with a message about the importance of maintenance, and even provide a birthday discount! Power up: create campaigns for 2nd birthday, 3rd birthday, and so on to make it even more personalized!
  8. Seasonal Happenings (One-Time) – Whether your area is prone to heat waves, cold snaps, wildfires, or allergies, it’s helpful to have a campaign built and waiting for you to hit “send”. Power up: it can be helpful to keep an eye on the weather and send these emails before they become topical. For example, “A Deep Freeze is Coming!” is more effective than “The Deep Freeze is Here”
  9. Open Balance (Automated) – Yep, it’s true! Use MarketingPro to follow up with customers with an open balance. An important note: make sure you are following all government regulations related to debt collection such as the rules laid out by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Consider using a Customer Tag as a double-check that they should be receiving the email. Power up: use the Marketing Behaviors audience segmentation to send custom follow up emails depending on whether or not they opened the first email in the campaign.
  10. Holiday Emails (One Time) – Set up all your holiday emails for the year at any time! Holidays are just another opportunity for your company’s name to be in front of a customer – even if they don’t open the email. We recommend simple holiday messaging or if your team is up for it, a fun holiday photo. Power up: Create multiple audiences for these campaigns, segmenting based on membership status or whether or not the customer had business with you in the last year.

Marketing Pro Support

No time to build campaigns? Not sure about audiences? We got you! Outsource building your Marketing Pro campaigns to the team at Powerhouse Consulting Group. We specialize in the Marketing Pro platform and we’re a ServiceTitan Certified Provider. Our team has built some of the most successful campaigns in the ServiceTitan network, and we can bring our knowledge and expertise to your team too. That way, you can get back to doing what you do best. Schedule a free discovery call now – no strings attached!