Best Practices for ServiceTitan Pricebook Descriptions

Outside of your team members, the Pricebook is the backbone of your business. The field pros and sales team will use this to create estimates and invoices. CSRs may even put together estimates for Memberships. That’s why it’s so important to ensure the information in your Pricebook is accurate and complete. Which brings us to the Description box.

Every item in the Pricebook should include an explanation of what the item is, and if applicable, why the item or service is needed. Years ago, everything in the trades was done on paper invoices, we’ve come a long way since then. If the Pricebook is truly built with both users and customers in mind, it will make sales and customer communications much easier. Plus – a well developed Pricebook can be a key differentiator between you and your competition.


Example Descriptions

A Pricebook description may contain up to 32,000 characters, but don’t go crazy! You want these to be clear and concise – for your team and your customers.

Here are two descriptions of the same Service in a Pricebook:

Replace Blower Motor

Example 1

Remove the existing Blower Motor and replace with a new indoor Blower Motor. Test all operations and adjust fan speed for proper airflow in the home.

Example 2

Which of these helps educate the customer? Which of these might be helpful to a brand-new CSR or apprentice?

You’ll notice that Example 2 isn’t particularly lengthy. It’s just long enough to explain the service (remove, replace, test) and why it’s needed (proper airflow). Also, we’re not using any technical language or industry jargon. It’s written in plain English so anyone can understand.


Power it Up With More Content

You may know that people interpret information differently. Adding different kinds of content can help make the sale.

  • Images – Who wants to buy something they can’t envision? Add photos when you can to help visualize the product or service. And, images help the field techs and sales team in the process.
  • PDF Content – Some customers want all the information; why not put it right into the Pricebook?  We can link any PDF assets in the Description using HTML. When the Estimate is presented to the customer, they can click on the link to the brochure. This is especially powerful to use when adding a membership to an estimate. PDF brochures can help increase sales and drive revenue!
  • Video – Do you have any great video footage of a service or product in action? If so, let’s add the YouTube link! Some of our favorite videos include: Plumbing or HVAC inspection cameras in action, a dryer vent cleaning, blowing insulation, video of an overhead door operating noisily and/or slowly. Then cut to what same door can now do after proper maintenance!

A bit of education goes a long way in building trust and value in your company, especially if you can educate with visual aids. Can you imagine the impact a developed Pricebook with images, and/or links to PDFs, and links to videos will have when it comes to selling additional tasks, upgrades, and driving increased memberships?


Important Tips for ServiceTitan Pricebook

Don’t forget to sync daily! It’s good practice to have your ServiceTitan Mobile users download Pricebook and sync changes at the beginning of each day. This way, any changes you, the Pricebook manager or developer, make will be reflected regularly.

Review Pricebook Permissions. With all the effort that goes into making your Pricebook work for you, it’s also important to review permissions regularly. I once lived through a Pricebook that was accidentally edited by someone. After repairing the damage, we locked down the Editing Permission to Pricebook. I never want anyone else to deal with that!


Pricebook Development

If you’re like most contractors, you have thousands of items in your Pricebook. Curating each item with a great name, description, and assets is a time-consuming project. Our Consultants at Powerhouse Consulting Group can take that off your plate and do the heavy lifting. We’ll work with you to create a Pricebook that is uniquely yours, and that will serve your company for years to come. Contact us for a free discovery call.