How to Add Yourself to a ServiceTitan Marketing Pro Campaign

ServiceTitan’s Marketing Pro is ultra-powerful, and although you can send yourself a test email when building campaigns, you might sometimes like to receive the emails in real-time with customers. There’s a solution for that!

Simply add yourself as a customer to your ServiceTitan account, add a unique tag to your customer profile, then add this tag as an inclusion group on your campaign.

You can follow along in my video, or read through the step-by-step instructions below.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Create the Tag – Head to Settings > Tag Types and add a tag that you will only use once – for yourself! I like to add this special character at the beginning of the tag name () which will push the tag name to the end of the list.
  2. Create Your Customer Profile – Input your test information into ServiceTitan as a customer.
  3. Apply the Tag to your Customer Profile – Add the tag you just created to the customer profile you want campaigns sent to.
  4. Add The Customer Test Tag as a Standalone Inclusion Group for your Audiences – Finally, in MarketingPro go in and edit your Audience for the campaign you want to send. In the Include section, click the plus sign to add a new inclusion group. Then under the Customer accordion, look for Customer Tag and find your test tag. If you’re having trouble finding it, look under Location Tag as well.
  5. Double Check – After adding this inclusion, check to see that the customer profile you created did in fact load in as an audience member

Pro Tips for Using a Test Inclusion

Another way to use this same approach would be to use a group or alias email instead of your personal email address. For example, if you have an office@ , customerservice@ , or answering@ email address that sends to multiple people, you can use that email address instead to make groups of people aware of the campaign. That saves you the time and effort of setting each person up one-by-one with their own customer profile.

Remember – if you’re using lots of exclusions, be sure not to exclude yourself from the campaign! For example, if you are excluding certain zip codes, or excluding anyone without service in the last 10 years, you might inadvertently exclude yourself.

Need Help with Marketing Pro?

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