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Meet Jenny! As our CEO Jenny lives, breathes, and loves HVAC, ServiceTitan, and the entire trade industry! With over 16 years of achievements in the HVAC industry, Jenny is the driver behind the wheel of Powerhouse Consulting. As a natural problem solver, Jenny has a unique ability to identify inefficiencies in companies and turn them into profit-increasing opportunities. Starting PCG is one of her proudest achievements, and she has a deep respect for the trades and the hard work that’s put in behind the scenes.
A mechanical engineer with over 10 years of experience in the industry, Pam is our COO with a strong and passionate dedication to the trades! Pam is incredibly skilled in understanding clients' business challenges and turning these into practical applications of ServiceTitan.
With over 10 years in the HVAC industry, Dawn is a ServiceTitan superstar with a deep understanding of business needs and how to make ServiceTitan work with efficiency! Specializing in Office Operations and ServiceTitan (as a certified coach), Dawn is amazing at streamlining and solving the individual challenges of service companies.
👋 Introducing Janna, a seasoned consultant with a passion for driving organizational success and growth! With over a decade of experience in the trades and consulting industry, Janna brings a wealth of expertise from working with startups to enterprise acquisition firms. Her journey through the trades has equipped her with invaluable insights into organizational development and growth models.

At Powerhouse, Janna leverages her knowledge and experience to cultivate a vibrant company culture that fosters collaboration, engagement, and success in our virtual workspace. Her calendar is always brimming with meetings, where she dives deep into discovering what motivates each individual and provides the hands-on support essential for our remote work environment.💼
Meet Anika! Anika was born into the trades. She worked as a product expert for ServiceTitan for several years. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the platform and all the amazing capabilities it offers. She has seen first hand how Service Titan can change lives! She is passionate about helping businesses like yours take it to the next level and achieve their goals. When you're ready to take that first step to elevating your business with the support of PCG, this is the gal to talk to!
Meet Dayla! What started as an office job with an HVAC company in Missouri 15+ years ago
turned into a passion for the home services industry and the trades. She survived 3 major FSM implementations in that previous life and like Cinderella, the glass slipper (ServiceTitan) was a perfect fit! With a love of all things communication (training people and optimizing Phones Pro setups are a couple of her favorites). Dayla enjoys discovering and implementing additional platforms to integrate with the FSMs you’re using, she’s an asset in your business growth and success. Outside of work, you can find her reading, pushing her dog in a stroller, enjoying patio season, quoting Taylor Swift, hosting dinner parties, or trying to help her parents with technology issues over the phone or FaceTime!
Amanda absolutely loves the trades, and it shows! She has 5+ years of experience in the home services industry, with a particular fondness for HVAC. Finding the right solutions for customers is her specialty - customer peace of mind is a top priority! She’s great at finding automation solutions for techs - letting them do their job more efficiently so that their customers have an overall better experience.
When you need to take your company to the next level, Amanda is your go-to! She loves helping businesses and organizations implement new technological solutions, equipping them with the competitive advantage they need for today’s world.
Alishia boasts seven years of experience in the Home services industry, specializing in HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing. Her preference for the Follow-Up tab in ServiceTitan reflects her commitment to organized workflows.
Tyler Mendel, born into the trades, boasts over two decades of diverse industry experience. Starting as a warehouse associate in the Chicago Suburbs, he ascended through various roles and became VP of Technology. Currently a consultant at Powerhouse Consulting, Tyler specializes in ServiceTitan, with 8+ years of expertise. He's led two full ServiceTitan implementations and three ServiceTitan Go lives, showcasing his tech-savvy approach to operational excellence. Beyond work, Tyler enjoys exploring new restaurants, outdoor activities, and traveling. A Loyola University Chicago graduate, he seamlessly combines his passion for the trades with a commitment to innovation.
Feeling lost in ServiceTitan? Kris is your ultimate teammate! With 20+ years of home service expertise (plumbing, electrical, anything!), she's a ServiceTitan master and industry insider. Streamline workflows, boost efficiency, unlock hidden features – Kris unlocks it all. Passionate about teamwork (and an active LadyTitans member!), she empowers you & your team to conquer ServiceTitan & build a thriving business. When she's not slaying software dragons, you can find her kayaking the Chesapeake Bay or battling monsters in D&D! ⚔️ Ready to team up? Reach out to Kris and unleash the power of ServiceTitan together! ✨
Stephanie, our Specialty Team Lead, works closely with Specialty Consultants and Clients to implement specialized workflows in marketing, inventory, accounting, and other implementations. With a passion for cultivating both relationships and efficient workflows, leading the specialty team and cultivating a culture of creativity and innovation amongst the team is the best part of her role. She brings a wealth of experience in the trades industry, SaaS implementation, marketing, inventory management, and workflow optimization. Beyond her professional endeavors, Stephanie finds joy enjoying a warm cup of coffee, indulging in some good pizza, attending church on Sundays, and taking long walks with her beloved pup.
Rosario Garcia has worked in the trades since 2015, primarily HVAC and Plumbing. Rosario worked as CSR-Dispatcher for 4 years, oversaw 15+ technicians, and was responsible for answering and booking service calls, followed up on opportunities, parts ordering, renewed memberships and optimized technicians routes. Rosario also spent 2 years as HVAC Sales & Install Coordinator, during this time she was responsible for scheduling and coordinating residential and commercial installation jobs for the install team, verifying that all necessary paperwork and documentation related to installation was completed and accurate.
Nicholas Thompson is our Implementation Specialist hailing from the Fort Myers/Sarasota Florida area. He comes with over 7 years of experience in the construction and trades industry. He specializes in data analysis, data manipulation and report building. Nick believes if a good report is as good as a good book. They can tell an amazing story. He has a positive attitude and is always willing to share his knowledge and teach others. In his free time, he enjoys building computers, playing arcade and video games. His favorite game of all time is Mario Bros 3.
Austin Webster is an Inventory Specialist for Powerhouse Consulting Group. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Sport Management from Kennesaw State University. He was first introduced to Servicetitan 2 years ago as a warehouse manager for an HVAC company. He was instantly drawn to the capabilities of the platform and learning the best ways to utilize the software. He has always been interested in the numbers and behind the scenes of how things work, and he enjoys helping others maximize their resources! His goal with Servicetitan is to help clients utilize Servicetitan to its maximum potential and allow clients to get the most bang for their buck. Some of his specialties involve setting up PricebookPro, tracking material for jobs, performing job costing reports, and setting up replenishment for trucks and warehouses.
Mike, a native of Chicago, grew up in his grandfather's home service shop, now specializing in marketing for all trades. Passionate about optimizing business operations, he favors ServiceTitan for its adaptability to diverse business needs. Beyond work, Mike indulges in his love for all things food especially lasagna, a family tradition. His leisure pursuits include golf, cycling, and board sports, offering him thrilling escapes. A fascinating tidbit about Mike is his ability to trace his lineage back to a quaint town in Sicily, Italy.
Hi there! I’m Briana Siegel from Florida! I have 4 ½ years of experience in the home services industry, specializing in FieldEdge. With expertise in creating comprehensive training modules for FieldEdge, I can ensure success from the first Work Order creation. I love the versatility of Custom Forms, and the simplicity of Communication Templates FieldEdge has to offer. Outside of work, I am a dedicated foodie and can enjoy a simple slice of pizza, to delicious chicken and waffles. Outside of work, I love to work out, read, and spend time with my family and friends.
LaToya is a highly skilled and experienced client support professional with a certification in Business Administration. With over 15 years of experience in the field, LaToya has developed a deep understanding of the importance of client satisfaction and the role of efficient processes and procedures in achieving it. LaToya is passionate about making processes and procedures as efficient as possible, while also fostering seamless collaboration between teams. She is dedicated and committed to delivering the best possible results for clients and colleagues alike. In her free time she loves to spend time with her family, enjoying game nights with karaoke.
Glenna knows customer service and support, and has 25+ years of experience in this area! She is a master in procedures, processes, and workflows, and loves deep focus work like data cleansing, Pricebook, and Inventory.
Hello! I'm Elizabeth Evans, hailing from North Carolina. With 3 years in the HVAC industry, I've gained hands-on experience with the ServiceTitan integration. My roles have included dispatcher and maintenance coordinator. I appreciate how ServiceTitan streamlines HVAC businesses, offering comprehensive tools like hour tracking, income management, call tracking, and inventory control in one place. This integration minimizes reliance on third-party software, making operations more efficient. Outside of work, I cherish time with family and friends, and savor life's simple pleasures! I also love traveling to the beach and mountains during the appropriate seasons.
Data Driven

Data and reporting you can trust, with tangible KPIs. 

We’ll untangle the digital mess and leave you with actionable data to increase your bottom line.

75+ Years Experience

We’re a group of seasoned trade professionals with diverse backgrounds, bringing you 25+ years of combined experience.

You name it, we’ve seen it!

ServiceTitan Titanium Partner

We’re the first and only Titanium Professional Services Provider of ServiceTitan, making us the most certified professional services company in the country.

Scalable Growth

We believe in the trades and the work that you do. 

With ServiceTitan and FieldEdge, we know that strong profit margins and the opportunities to scale are in your hands.

300+ Contractors Supported

We’re right by your side, helping you successfully integrate ServiceTitan and FieldEdge through all your operating procedures.

People Driven

We believe in empowering you to provide the best experience for your customers, with streamlined operations and smooth field management services.

"Communication Is One Of The Biggest Things We Look For"
The Powerhouse team are always there when we need them. We have been working with Powerhouse for over a year and there is nothing that the team can not handle.
Nick Sylvester, Owner, Sylvester Electric
"Pcg Works Closely With Our Office Team To Drive Performance"
Outsourcing our ServiceTitan administration (the heavy lifting, not the basic stuff) and using Powerhouse Consulting Group for streamlining and implementation projects has worked out really well. They know the product set incredibly well and are also very professional.
Al D'Andrea, Owner, McCullough Heating & Air Conditioning
"Working With The Powerhouse Team Is Always A Pleasure"
Our team is always there when we need them.
Kara Cassidy, Marketing Manager, Fox Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric
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