Understanding Attributed Metrics in ServiceTitan Marketing Pro

The metrics in ServiceTitan’s Marketing Pro can be confusing for all users, new and seasoned. In this post, I’m going to explain what the attributed numbers mean and answer some of the most common questions about attribution.


Understanding Direct Analytics

The most common marketing campaign analytics are direct numbers. Most marketers will tell you it takes seven touchpoints to convert a customer. ServiceTitan uses a last touch approach to report direct analytics on campaigns. That means that direct figures are only a reflection of that last touchpoint – the one that made the customer call and book the job.

Direct figures reflect the revenue, jobs, and calls directly associated with your campaign. Only the jobs and calls marked by CSRs with this campaign will be shown as Revenue, Jobs, and Calls for the campaign.


What is Attributed Data?

The last touchpoint is important, but there is definitely value in every touchpoint leading up to the conversion, but quantifying that value is very difficult – until now. With ServiceTitan Marketing Pro, you can track performance metrics that are attributed to your campaign. Even though your email may not have been the last touchpoint, it’s a logical assumption that the email may have influenced the customer’s behavior.

Attributed Revenue is any revenue connected to any Customers who received your campaign, even if the Campaign selected on the Job is not the campaign in question.

Attributed Jobs are any jobs booked connected to any Customers who received your campaign, even if the Campaign selected on the Job is not the campaign in question.

Attributed Calls are any calls connected to any Customers who received your campaign , even if the Campaign selected on the Job is not the campaign in question.


Frequently Asked Questions about Attributed Marketing Analytics in ServiceTitan

What timeframe does attributed revenue use? MarketingPro sums all attributed completed revenue within the set attribution window (you can change this in your Settings). If your attributed revenue seems low, it could be that the jobs associated with your campaign haven’t completed yet.

My attributed revenue numbers are gigantic – what’s happening? Campaigns that go to “all customers” or other broad groups will likely have unbelievable attribution numbers!

I sent out an email yesterday for Valentine’s Day. There was no offer, no tracking phone number, just a Valentine graphic which linked back to our website. I have 7 calls attributed to the campaign. How can this be? ServiceTitan Marketing Pro tracks attributed calls even if you don’t have a call to action (CTA). Every email is considered part of the customer journey.

My Campaign Summary Report shows an extremely large aggerated sum of attributed revenue. Does this seem right? Attributed revenue is best looked at on the individual campaign level. If a customer receives multiple campaigns, their revenue will appear as attributed on multiple campaigns. By summing up the attributed revenue, we can inadvertently “double dip” in this way.

I stopped a campaign but it’s still showing attributed revenue. What’s going on? The campaign is still a part of the customer journey, even if it was days or weeks ago. If it seems like the email was too long ago to make a difference (it’s mid-March and you’re seeing attributed revenue from an email in mid-December) it may be time to review your attribution settings and tighten up the attribution window. I recommend 4 weeks.


Marketing Pro Support

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